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Vigeo is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutics that can effectively treat multiple types of cancer and improve the lives of patients.

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We are building a first-in-class drug discovery pipeline that reprograms the tumor immune microenvironment (TIME). We believe that by reprogramming the TIME, we can significantly improve cancer treatment outcomes.


Vigeo is currently developing therapies that target the TIME by activating thrombospondin-1 (Tsp-1), a naturally occurring potent anti-tumorigenic protein, and one of the body’s own defenses against cancer. Tsp-1 has been shown to attack cancer cells and to prevent their spread through metastasis via CD36 and CD47 pathways.

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We are currently studying VT1021, a peptide therapeutic agent in clinical trials enrolling patients in pancreatic, ovarian, triple negative breast cancers, glioblastoma, and tumors with high amounts of CD36.

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Latest News

August 07, 2020

Vigeo’s Tumor Microenvironment Platform Expands Indications and Combo Therapy Possibilities

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April 09, 2020

Vigeo Therapeutics Doses First Patients in Expansion Phase of its 1b/2 Study Investigating VT1021 in Patients with CD36 Expressing Cancers 

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March 17, 2020

Biotech Strategy Blog – Interview with Vigeo CEO and Co-Founder

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